getting dirty

I’ve been trying to figure out how to encapsulate many different goings-on in the CSME over the summer.  All told, there was so much happening all at once that there was hardly a moment to pause, not to mention make sense of it all.  Then someone pointed out this commercial and some of the thinking behind it, exposing a bit about how our usual discourse with girls discourages science and engineering pursuits.  Instead of telling them to dig in with both hands, we often praise their beauty and chastise them for getting dirty.

So I was proud to see so many youth in our camps and parks programs really getting dirty. In fact, I think that sums up the last few months pretty well.  A group of high school students with some of our science faculty camped in the rain and spent a week exploring the science of Yellowstone National Park.

Spring reflection

Kids were in Strong’s Canyon with their feet in the creek and their hands in the mud, getting water and critter samples.

2014 WIMS Camps - 1602014 WIMS Camps - 195

They were up on the hillside removing invasive weeds.

2014 WIMS Camps - 107 2014 WIMS Camps - 122

They outside with various goos literally dripping from their fingers … and hands, and arms, and …

2014 Science in the Parks - 501 2014 Science in the Parks - 5232014 Science in the Parks - 400

And moms and daughters were together getting blood samples, swabbing for microbes, and spilling chemicals.

2014 Mom:Daughter Science - 02

2014 Mom:Daughter Science - 24

2014 Mom:Daughter Science - 09

We’re proud that the science we get to do around here is messy.  It’s a short description of some of what we can do during our summers — more photos of the parks, the Pathways camps, Math camps, and the Mother/Daughter Science week are now compiled on our Flickr page.