camp registrations

I’ve promised subscribers to this newsfeed that you would be the first to know when our summer camps will open registration.  I have been told by university programmers (small, hardworking elves who code on computers in small, basement closets, perhaps — I’ve never seen them personally) that registration should be available this Friday for all our camps.  And that registration link is right here:

If you open this page on Friday and it says something like “Page not found,” try again later.  But, truly, hopefully, Friday it will come alive.  And since I’ll be in the midst of graduation ceremonies here at Weber State on that same day, I thought I would do all I can to help you anticipate the registration beforehand.  Once I see that registration is running and I’m back to my desk, I’ll post the registration link on our individual camp pages as well.  For now, you are the first to know.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!  Link to our camp pages for more information about our offerings.  And feel free to contact Adam ( with any questions in the meantime.