growing collaborations

We’re pleased that we get to share things through a variety of outlets.  In the last year or so we have been fortunate to have a partner in the Natural History Museum of Utah through their “Teaching Toolboxes.”  (When you picture a “toolbox,” you need to picture the very largest contractor-grade toolbox you can imagine, filled with something like a collection of rocks and minerals, or dinosaur fossils, or field tools, or …. )  We provide an outlet for teachers to borrow these toolboxes right here from the CSME at Weber State.  This is great because teachers in northern Utah have greater access to a collection of these kits, as well as the fact that we get to play with them.

Last week we expanded our partnerships to work with Red Butte Garden when they delivered their Ethnobotany Bin: People and Plants, packaged in much the same way that NHMU configures its kits.  This one is jam packed with planet samples pressed in dedicated cases, as well as a variety of tools and a diverse set of lesson plans.  We can imagine this being used in lots of classes, but perhaps it is most especially catered to 4th grade classrooms since there is a focus on native plants and their uses within our state through its rich history.

To check out this or any of our kits, visit this page with the checkout form.  We love to see these resources get used.  And, stay tuned as we get ready to release another very exciting toolbox in the very near future.