seeking new direction

The Center for Science and Math Education is currently seeking applications for a new, full time, Director.  This is exciting for us, since we have not had a dedicated position like this for several years, instead using faculty reassignments to partially cover some of the work that goes on here.  With this new position, the CSME will be able to reestablish its operating capacity, as well as expand in the future.  The new director should have a doctorate in science or math education (or a closely related field) and should be interested in:

  • working with faculty here at Weber State, such as an assembly of College of Science faculty who advise and work closely with the CSME.  This is especially the case with our science teacher educator (Adam Johnston, currently stretching his position from physics to cover some CSME tasks … such as writing this post), our brand new math education faculty member (Rachel Bachman), our planetarium director (Stacy Palen, physics), and others who advise preservice teachers and work with inservice teachers during the school year and summers.
  • working with local school districts and teachers, especially those in northern Utah.  We currently work with two districts as we pilot professional development aimed at revamping science curricula; and we’re actively pursuing scholarships and ongoing professional support for brand new teachers.
  • working with leaders across the state to promote and enhance science and math education at all levels.  Our CSME has a long history of working closely with other state agencies, including our state office of education.

And, there are many other possibilities and ongoing collaborations, as searching this webpage should suggest.  Scholarly and grant writing activities, as well as community outreach, all play well with our current collection of activities and our ambitions for the future.

The full ad, list of qualifications, and instructions for applicants, is here:

Our initial review of applicants begins as soon as January 17th.  Questions or clarifications are welcome.  Contact Adam Johnston ( for more information.