Many, many years ago, the CSME had a teacher “hotline.” It was essentially a phone number — probably our main office number — that teachers could call with any question or request about science and math education. The deal was that we could then relay your request to someone else in an appropriate department. I still have a business card on our bulletin board in the CSME office that advertises this service.

We thought it would be a good idea to bring this back. Too often, a teacher has a question or an idea and just doesn’t know where to direct it. We’re offering the solution of having teachers (and other educators) sending a request to us and we’ll figure out what to do with it. Instead of the phone, though, we’re taking your queries through the form at this dedicated webpage:

As we get more questions, we’ll also better understand all the additional things that we should be offering. The simple act of making a request of any kind will give us data for what teachers in the region most need. We’ll continue to adapt both the form as we better understand what kinds of requests are coming in. (You’ll notice that we anticipated both a few reasonable kinds of requests, as well as some more unreasonable ones.)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!