Summer Camping

Our three inaugural summer camps are all running, now 2 days into their weeklong programs.  Putting the camps on for the first time is stressful and new, but one of the very hardest things for me has been to step back and just watch the camps run — all the kids and the teachers get to do the playing.

But, now that the camps are underway and everything is rolling smoothly, I get to peek in and see what’s going on.

On Monday I stopped by to see what the visiting physicist Stacy Palen was doing to our Moms & Daughters campers, apparently training to balance in order to learn about the center of mass of solar systems:


Meanwhile, our Natural Enquirers were learning to use a remote microscope that simultaneously displayed magnified images on each of their iPad screens:


And some Extreme Math! campers were starting to design and build launching devices out of sophisticated materials:


On the following day, Math campers put these launchers to the test and recorded their results:WIMS201332 WIMS201333

But where were the Naturalists?  I started looking for them up Strong Canyon, their route for investigations that day:


No luck half way up the canyon, but I did find this ripe berry and spider web at the edge of the creek:


It wasn’t until I had hiked up out of the canyon and onto the Bonneville Shoreline that I spotted them, like mountain goats on the hillside:WIMS201341

And there they were, analyzing some geology and recording notes and data in their notebooks:WIMS201344

Back on campus, the Math-ers were on to a new endeavor in geometry and structure:WIMS201352

And our Moms & Daughters were finishing their second day by displaying their research results on distant galaxies.  Each Mom/Daughter team had crafted their own research questions with the guidance of astronomer Tabetha Hole and were presenting their results to the group.WIMS201354


So, while I am still a little sad that I’m not the one building the structures, breaking open the rocks, or studying real galaxies, it’s rewarding to see all the science that’s being made around here this week.  Who knows what else is going to happen in the days to come!