Summer Recipes

Last Friday, as the Science in the Parks crew just started to push out our carts and wagons towards the building’s elevator so that we could load the trailer for “Feel it!” day at Lorin Farr Park, the electricity for the entire campus suddenly turned off.  This is bound to happen occasionally, but the timing was particularly poor as this meant that:

  1. it was comically dark and hard to find all the things we’d set out for the day
  2. there was no elevator for all of our heavy, wheeled transport
  3. the printer and copy machine were useless

The short version of the story is that we teamed up and carried things downstairs, keeping the way lit with lots of flashlights and cell phones.  We made it to the park on time, but the one thing we didn’t have to bring with us was our printed copy of recipes for various “goo” we use in the park.  This just makes it all the more important that we post that here.  So, without further fuss, here’s your own copy of our “recipes”:

Goo Recipes from Science in the Parks

As we develop our pages and resources here, look for more handouts, advice, and links to other ideas.  If you have your own suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments or by dropping us a line.