Faculty and staff at the Center for Science and Mathematics Education promote science and mathematics education for schools and teachers,  our local community, and Weber State students and faculty by:

  • Mentoring and advising pre-service teachers.
  • Sharing science and mathematics education resources and expertise.
  • Providing and coordinating professional learning opportunities for teachers and iq option demo informal education professionals.
  • Facilitating science activities at local schools.
  • Promoting participation on the state level in curriculum, certification and teacher performance activities
  • Reaching out to the local community and schools with programs like Science in the Parks, S4, summer camps, and more.

Faraday Lectures

Dates: December 15 & 16 at 7:00 p.m.
Location: Weber State University Lind Lecture Hall, Rooms 125-126
Cost: Free

In celebration of the holiday season and science, Weber State University will host the Faraday Lectures on Dec. 15 and 16. President Chuck Wight (as Michael Faraday), chemistry professor Michelle Paustenbaugh (as Marie Curie) and chemistry instructor Carol Campbell (as Marie Lavoisier) will conduct several scientific demonstrations aimed at creating curiosity in children of all ages.

High School Lesson


This lesson, You’re Fired, defines combustion and relates whether a material combusts to its bonding (ionic, covalent, metallic).

Download the Lesson (PDF)

Middle School Lesson


Contact the Director of CSME at jenniferclaesgens@weber.edu if you would like a hands-on chemical reaction lesson at your school, grades 5-9th.

Chemistry Experiment for Children


Boil half a head of red cabbage, strain the cabbage leaves out and let the liquid cool. Have your young chemist collect different, food-safe liquids in an old ice cube container to conduct her cabbage juice science experiment.  Liquids like vinegar, clear sodas, milk, water, apple juice and dish soap are all good. Make some of your own too by adding salt to water and baking soda to water. Put the cooled cabbage juice in a water bottle with a squirt cap and let them test their liquids.  Which things turn pink? Those are acids. Enjoy!!